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Getting a Master Degree in Germany: The Health Insurance and Student Visa

If you have decided to get your master degree in Germany and you are a bit confused about the perfect university you want to apply for, you will have to focus only on the subject you really love. Creative students will get a great benefit from the heritage of German’s art when they apply for Master’s Degree at colleges of Music, Films, and Arts. If you focus on academic, you should attend the Technical or Research University. If you focus on professional skills and vocational expertise, you will have to choose the Applied Sciences University. See other important things below.

Health Insurance

While studying in Germany, whether you are postgraduate or undergraduate students you will have to buy health insurance. This health insurance will make sure that you get the proper service if you get ill in Germany. There are two kinds of health insurances here—the public and the private. Public Health Insurance Companies are AOK Baden Württemberg, TK or Techniker Krankenkasse, KKH or Kaufmännische Krankenkasse, Barmer GEK, and DAK-Gesundheit.

Student Visa

When applying for a student visa, make sure you have everything required. All the documents needed to collect right on time have to be written in English. You should really learn about this. Germany in Europe belongs to the Schengen Area, if you are a non-EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen, you should have both the visa and the residence permit. Obviously, with a tourist visa, you cannot get a Master’s Degree in Germany. Your tourist visa cannot be converted to student visa as well.

With a great opportunity offered by German Universities or Colleges when you get your Master’s Degrees certificate, all of your efforts and work hard will pay off. It’s worth trying to get your Master’s Degree in Germany. If you have a plan to search for a scholarship from the German Government, you will have to gain more and more information. It is also advisable for you to attend ‘Studying-Abroad’ Exhibitions available in your country.

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